How you can gain better visibility into your team in just one week

Posted by Simon Bates on Feb 19, 2020 9:58:24 AM

As a manager, it can be incredibly frustrating when your team is not achieving the work you expect from them. This is especially so when you are unable to understand the reasons why.

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Why Every Good OKR Tool Should Track Dependencies

Posted by Simon on Jun 20, 2019 9:21:02 AM

When we collaborate across teams on projects there are many pitfalls and challenges that can result in failure. A study for the Harvard Business Review found that 75% of cross functional teams are dysfunctional. Problems can arise as a result of poor communication around specifications of a project and around the alignment of the company's corporate goals.

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Workteam Offers Improved Ways To Track Objective Outcomes

Posted by Simon on Apr 10, 2019 12:51:49 PM

When we set objectives, we need to know what will define a successful outcome. It's obvious to us that an objective such as "increase sales" is meaningless without knowing how much we need to increase sales by in order to be able to say that we achieved the objective. This is why we associate a set of key results with each objective. Key results let us state the desired outcome in a quantitive way, e.g. "Increase sales of product A by $40k per month". Whilst it is sufficient to define the progress towards each key result as simply a confidence level of achieving the desired outcome, it is sometimes more convenient and more meaningful to state the exact quantitive value of whatever metric we are measuring.

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Why 87% of Companies Fail To Execute On Strategy And How To Fix It.

Posted by Simon on Sep 15, 2017 11:54:59 AM

Companies devote endless time communicating strategy to their employees—but only a minority take it in, according to research by the University of Technology in Sydney. The researchers identified 20 companies with clearly articulated strategies and asked their employees to select their employer's strategy from six possible options. Just 29% of employees answered correctly.

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5 Things Your HR Department Should Consider For GDPR Compliance

Posted by Simon on Jun 28, 2017 8:13:25 AM

The biggest shake up in personal data protection in 20 years will soon hit businesses in the EU. The fines for non-compliancy are greater than ever. Is your organization ready and prepared for the new legislation?

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Why Every Manager Must Learn To Coach

Posted by Simon on May 17, 2017 6:30:52 AM

If you were to ask any CEO what their company's greatest asset is, you would undoubtedly hear them talk about their employees. Any leader worth their salt recognises that it is their employees that gives their company its competitive advantage. Maximising employee performance has to be top of the priorities for any organisation. But the needs and wants of today's workforce is changing rapidly and traditional HR practices are no longer a good fit for today's nimble and team-driven workforce.

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Why Small Companies Should Articulate Their Culture

Posted by Simon on Feb 17, 2017 7:54:49 AM

Your personality is the sum of your psychological characteristics that discern you as an individual from others. It is influenced heavily by your core values - your fundamental beliefs that you build up over time - that dictate how you live your life, the decisions you make, the actions you take, and what you consider as "right" and "wrong".

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6 Skills Your Managers Must Possess to Drive Employee Engagement

Posted by Simon on Jan 30, 2017 6:06:24 AM

Retaining top talent is the number one priority for the majority of HR professionals and the recognised way to achieve that is by focusing on increasing employee engagement. An engaged employee is 60% less likely to look for another job in the next 12 months. There are many other benefits to increased employee engagement including reduced absence, higher performance and greater customer loyalty.

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Why Growing Employee Engagement Can Boost Company Profits By 200%?

Posted by Simon on Dec 7, 2016 5:11:32 PM

80% of HR professionals say that Employee Engagement is an important area of focus for their organizations and most leaders today are fixated on measuring and growing it. But why? Why is it so critical for leaders to increase the engagement of their employees? How does it benefit their organizations?

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Why Poorly Communicated Employee Time Off is Costing Businesses Billions

Posted by Simon on Dec 6, 2016 10:23:09 AM

I've worked at a number of different companies during my working life and I've noticed a theme that must be affecting team productivity worldwide. I've realised that, despite all the technology we have for communicating and collaborating and regardless of how much we interact with each other in the workplace, there is very little awareness of when our colleagues have planned time off.

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