Workteam Adds Hubspot and Google Sheets Integrations

Posted by Simon on Jan 23, 2020 8:07:36 AM

A critical part of an OKR implementation is ensuring that progress towards goals is kept up-to-date. People need to have a clear and real-time picture of what is happening in various parts of the organization so that relevant remedial actions may be made and  appropriate decisions taken when goals become at risk of not being completed by their deadline.

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Why Every Good OKR Tool Should Track Dependencies

Posted by Simon on Jun 20, 2019 9:21:02 AM

When we collaborate across teams on projects there are many pitfalls and challenges that can result in failure. A study for the Harvard Business Review found that 75% of cross functional teams are dysfunctional. Problems can arise as a result of poor communication around specifications of a project and around the alignment of the company's corporate goals.

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OKRs For Small and Mid-Size Businesses

Workteam helps small and mid-size businesses catapult themselves onto a trajectory of growth using OKR.

Learn more about how you can supercharge your team with OKRs by downloading our e-book "OKRs for Small and Mid-Size Businesses". You can download it from here.

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