A critical part of an OKR implementation is ensuring that progress towards goals is kept up-to-date. People need to have a clear and real-time picture of what is happening in various parts of the organization so that relevant remedial actions may be made and  appropriate decisions taken when goals become at risk of not being completed by their deadline.

Various tools employ a number of different strategies for encouraging employees to regularly update their goals, including email reminders and prompted check-ins. But the best way to ensure that goals are kept updated is not to rely on people at all and, instead, have the OKR tool automatically update key result progress from external sources.

Workteam supports automated updates of key results through two integrations that are now available: Hubspot and Google Sheets.

Hubspot is a marketing-focused CRM system that provides many different KPIs around your customers and their interactions with your website, landing pages and marketing campaigns. Workteam may be configured to associate the progress of a key result with one of many available Hubspot KPIs that are relevant to a marketing-led key result.


Google Sheets needs no introduction. More and more small and mid-size businesses rely on it as their de-facto solution for cloud-based spreadsheets. Some organizations centralize all of their key metrics data into one huge Google sheet where they constantly update the data and perform regular calculation. Workteam can then be configured to pull down a numerical value from any cell in any Google sheet and update the progress of various key results accordingly. 

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