Quite often when approving time off requests, companies want more than just one manager to give approval. A requirement for multiple approvers can arise when employees work under a matrix management scenario or when organizations are split over multiple geographic regions and employees have both a country manager and a local manager. When employees work temporarily as part of a virtual team, the team leader may also want approval oversight for the people in the team in addition to the employee’s regular manager.

Workteam has now been updated to handle a secondary approver for both time off requests and timesheet submissions.

Secondary approver field

Now, in the Approval page of the Time Off policy you’ll see a Secondary Approver field, right under the “Who Approves Time Off” field. You can select a Workteam user from this field and this user will start receiving requests for approval from any person assigned to the policy that submits requests from now on.

For a request to be fully approved, both approvers must approve the request. If either approver rejects the request, the request for time off will be rejected.

If you’re looking for an effective and flexible way to manage time off in your organization, start by creating an account at https://app.workte.am/account/signup.